Rational Acoustics RTA420 mic with calibration file

If you can’t afford a high quality measurement mic (meaning a mic with a flat frequency response), an inexpensive path to getting something you can trust for Smaart use is Rational Acoustics RTA420 mic.
An RTA-420 mic does not have a flat response but if purchased with the calibration file option, Smaart allows the user to load the calibration file into the app so that the frequency response of the mic is corrected.
This is a link to the RTA-420 mic without calibration file:
RTA – 420 measurement mic
This is a link to the RTA-420 mic with calibration file which has been serialized, measured in a lab to provide the file.
RTA – 420 measurement mic with calibration files
If you’re going to purchase an RTA-420, definitely pay a little extra and get the version with a calibration file.

ra-420_case_web_1 ra-420_all_web_1


I will post more details about the calibration process and show the with and without calibration file loaded results.

More soon.