Dave Lawler’s SIM3 rig – day 1

I was talking with Dave Lawler the other evening via telephone about my interest in spending some time with a Meyer SIM3 measurement rig and it just so happens that his SIM3 rig was left at Winspear Opera House in anticipation of his next visit to the venue. Dave is graciously loaning it to me for the moment and I collected it this evening from the venue and took it back to the shop to set it up and make sure it works with the VGA monitor I have. It does! Until Dave asks for it back, I’m going to learn everything I can about SIM3.

Dave Lawler SIM3 rig

Now if I only knew what to do with it…

Here is the SIM3 documents page on the Meyer Sound website:
Meyer Sound – SIM3 documents

One of the things that I want to figure out is how to take screen shots of the data provided by SIM3 so I can share it here. Do you know how? Contact me…