RF Venue – RF Spotlight antenna

A local venue that I support has recently suffered some serious RF (radio frequency) interference for the first time. Not surprising since here in the DFW area, there is less and less RF spectrum for wireless mic purposes. I contacted RF Venue and explained the RF circumstances. RF Venue staff recommended using (2) RF Venue RF Spotlight antennas with their Distro 4 antenna distribution device as a starting point to avoid further RF interference at the venue. This is what an RF Spotlight looks like:


The next link below will take you to a webpage where you can watch a demonstration comparing a RF Venue CP Beam directional antenna with an RF Spotlight. Very impressive.

RF Venue demonstrating the RF Spotlight antenna in Central Park

My initial tests are very promising. The following images were created using a RF Explorer hand held RF scanner with RF Venue’s VANTAGE scanning software for Mac. The first image is of the immediate RF environment using a whip antenna (like those provided with most wireless mics and in ear monitors). The second image is the substituted RF Spotlight antenna. Notice the drop in almost all levels and a significant drop in general noise floor.

This scan was taken with the whip antenna

rf venue rf explorer rack pro whip antenna

This scan was taken using the RF Spotlight

rf venue rf spotlight antennaTomorrow I will do a scan at the venue with their wireless mics on as a reference point and see what sort of reduction there is in hostile RF conditions. More soon…