Smaart 7 – acquired on 090914

Exciting day here at

As mentioned elsewhere on this site, I have been a content SpectraFoo Complete user.

After playing with the Smaart 7 and Smaart 7 DI demos on multiple computers for the last month, asking fellow Smaart users lots of questions to try to understand whether I need another measurement app and comparing the Smaart 7 and SpectraFoo Complete side by side, I bought Smaart 7 today to add to my tool set. Both apps have their unique features.

A full version of Smaart 7 can be installed on (2) different computers at the same time and if necessary you can migrate your licenses to other computers. Very helpful since I do about 1/2 my work on site using my MacBook and the other half at my bench using my Imac.

What does Smaart 7 offer that makes it unique?

There are two functions in Smaart 7 that will prove to be indispensible for my live measurement work.

1. Live IR – allows you to move the mic or the source around without recalculating the delay compensation offset). Picture aiming a speaker and being able to watch for secondary reflections to guide the aiming process in real time.

2. Unlimited transfer function instruments – allows you to look at multiple measurement points on the same trace as overlays. For example you can compare the physical loop to multiple measurement mics, console outputs, DSP outputs, etc… All on the same screen at the same time.

The “AcousticTools Intelligibility Module” with RT60 and EDT (early decay time) calculations will be helpful to although I don’t know yet how to use them.

For those interested in Smaart 7,

Here is a link to the official Smaart 7 page:
Smaart 7

I will begin to do my measurements with Smaart 7 and SpectraFoo so I have a redundant measurement platform. One of the benefits of using them both at the same time is that I can see if they agree with each other.