House of Blues Dallas – “Bricks In The Wall” Pink Floyd tribute 01/16/15

Last night I volunteered to assist my fellow engineer Jay Hogg who mixes the Pink Floyd tribute “Bricks In The Wall” @ House of Blues in Dallas.

The house of blues PA in Dallas and Bricks In The Wall were previously discussed in this post:

Bricks In The Wall – House Of Blues Dallas 091414

Jay had saved the eq and delay settings from last time so we had that point of reference. Jay has been practicing with Smaart 7. Much more than I have of late.

We measured the HR main line array and noticed a large dip from around 2k to 4k (-12db) which wasn’t an issue on the previous show. It seems obvious in hind site but when you’re measuring a line array you need to set the height of the mic ON AXIS of one of the cabinets. If you have your mic located OFF AXIS (vertically), you’ll be measuring the summation of two cabinets which in this case causes a lot of mid range cancellation.

To find the non cancellation zone, I lifted the mic stand up slowly while Jay watched for the frequency response to flatten out. Then I adjusted the mic stand to locate the mic at that newly found height. When you are making EQ decisions you want to do so optimizing the system for the most amount of people.